Kaktus Padel trademark builds padel courts for all kind of players: from professional to beginner or children. We provide four basic types of courts: Luxe, Baby, Individual and Panoramic 3D. All of them include our exclusive Injury Reduction System and are built with independent modular systems using the strongest and most flexible materials on the market.

Kaktus Padel courts meet the safety regulations issued by the CSD (Spanish National Sports Council) and the FEP (Spanish Padel Federation).

Luxe Court

Luxe Court is suitable for professional and beginner players. It is built with strong yet flexible materials and incorporates our exclusive Injury Reduction System. The independent modular system reduces the bouncing effect on both the ball and the racket and, what is most important, it avoids possible injuries with the metal chain link fence.
This type of court is suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Luxe Court is 20m long by 10m wide (playing area).

Luxe Court includes:

  • A 60m perimeter PS3 structure made of 2mm pre-galvanized steel.
  • 10mm thick tempered glass panels for indoor courts and 12mm thick tempered glass panels for outdoor courts. Glass panels are united to the metal structure by means of galvanized steel fasteners and slurry sealing that helps fixing it.
  • 13mm artificial grass made of 100% fibrillated polypropylene thread. Green coloured.
  • 4 light posts including 4 metal halogen lights of 400W each. (Indoor courts include 8 light posts.) Fuse box and electric connection are not included.
  • A 10m long and 0.92m high professional net.
  • A door with lock.


  • Post-galvanized PS3 structure
  • Pre-galvanized PS3 structure of 3mm thick
  • Steel PS3 structure (not advised)
  • 13mm fibrillated grass – Blue
  • 13mm fibrillated grass – Brick-red
  • 15mm fibrillated grass – Green
  • 15mm fibrillated grass – Blue
  • 15mm fibrillated grass – Brick-red
  • 13mm monofilament grass – Green
  • 13mm monofilament grass – Blue
  • 13mm monofilament grass – Brick-red
  • 4 groups of 2 halogen lights of 400W each
  • Door on both sides of the court
  • Court cover

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Kaktus Padel meets the regulation issued by the CSD (Spanish National Sports Council) and the FEP (Spanish Padel Federation)
Injury Reduction System with independent modular structure
Sturdy yet flexible structures
Epoxy resin fasteners


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